Real Estate Services

Our services include floor plans, aerial UAV, day & twilight photography, property & promotional videos.

Real Estate Services

At SkyHigh we bring that personal creative touch to our real estate services from beginning to end.  We also cover all bases such as floor plans, drone services, day & twilight real estate photography and property videos.

2D & 3D Floor Plans

Floor plans are are excellent way to show case the layout of any property as it allows potential buyers to familiarize themselves of size, scale and layout of their potential new home.

Aerial UAV


Drones play an integral part of our real estate services allows us to snap images from locations not accessible using any other method and enhance property videos.

Property Videos

At SkyHigh we can produce different types of promotional videos to sell properties, promote agents, local areas & amenities along with auctions, and agencies as a whole.  Talk to us today to see how we can help promote your services.