Synthony – A Generation Of Dance Music

Synthony – A Generation Of Dance Music

Clients: Synthony, Spark & GeorgeFM

Project: Synthony – A Generation Of Dance Music

SkyHigh Creative was first asked to part of the project in April 2017 and tasked with a number of responsibilities in the lead up, during and after the 2017, along with being involved with the 2018 event.

Task 1 – Director Of Photography

Our responsibility was to take charge of multiple photographers and videographers on the night whilst being responsible for numerous fix cameras that were to be used for live feeds for the projectors.  We also played a key part in capturing footage throughout the whole night.

Task 2 – Web Design & Hosting

After the initial event we were contacted by the organizers to design and host a new website for them which can withstand a huge visitor count in a short amount of time for registrations.  Whilst our servers stood up to the task, TicketMasters websites crash multiple times over the course of a few hours as they tried to cope with the sheer amount of people trying to buy tickets as both shows in 2018 consisting of approx 5000 tickets sold out within a matter of hours.


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Task 3 – GeorgeFM Interviews

In preparation for the 2018 shows we were asked to shoot and edit a couple of videos with GeorgeFM presenter General Lee and the conductor for Auckland Symphony Orchestra’s,  Peter Thomas and Shape Shifters P Digsss.

Task 4 – Spark Time Lapse Video

With time lapse footage from last years event we put together a video for Spark’s own promotion.  We’ll be focusing on shooting more time lapse footage for the 2018 shows and will be taking it to a whole new level so watch this space. 

Task 5 – Synthony 2018 – Event Photography

Task 6 – Synthony 2018

Watch this space as there’s more to come.

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